Take time to think: Safer Gambling

All across the country, people are pausing, taking time to think and using some of the many safer gambling tools to make their experience better.
Take time to join them.

Safer Gambling Tools

Before you play, pause and take time to think. Join those already using safer gambling tools to stay in control. All responsible betting and gaming websites offer a range of ways to help you manage your spend and time - and cool off when you need to.

Set your deposit limit.

Look for the safer gambling / responsible gambling sections on betting and gaming websites and set your deposit limits for a day, a week, a month or a year. You decide. You stay in control.

Safer gambling tools
Set time limits.

Be aware of your play time with Reality Check timers which are widely available on betting and gaming websites. Set reminders at regular intervals to help you keep track of time. When they pop up, take time to think if you want to continue play or simply log out. You decide. You stay in control.

Safer gambling tools
Set cool offs.

Play with a cool clear head. Take time to think, pause, and tap out. Betting and gaming websites offer cool off periods so you can take a break for a day, a week or a month. You decide. You stay in control.

Safer gambling tools
Need longer to think? You can self-exclude through several multi operator schemes.

Put controls in place to restrict your betting and gaming activities for as long as you choose. You can do this online or across arcades and adult gaming centres, betting shops and bookmakers, bingo venues and casinos. It’s free. It’s effective. You stay in control.

Self exclude from:
Online gambling
Arcade and adult gaming centres
Betting shops and bookmakers
Bingo venues

Safer gambling tools
Need more than time to think?

If you’ve taken time to think and you feel gambling’s on your mind too much, BeGambleAware, the National Gambling Treatment Service, offer free, confidential gambling help and support. Start to regain control after one conversation.


Safer gambling tools

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